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      Roofing Company In North Little Rock

      Roofing Company In North Little Rock

      Many homeowners have been victims of fraudulent roofing contractors. Not only do they pay a lot of money for the roofing repairs, but these companies also leave their roof with a lot of damages. It will help if you avoid fraudulent roofing contractors to prevent these from happening to you and even cause more damage to your roof.

      Common Roofing Contractor Scams To Avoid

      Take note of these schemes to protect your home and avoid fraudulent roofing contractors.

      1. High-pressure Sale

      A high-pressure sale is one tactic that fakes roofing companies use. It involves pressuring the homeowners to enter into legally binding contracts at absurdly high rates. But when you hire a professional roofing contractor, they will educate you on the present condition of your roof and give you different solutions that would remedy those conditions.

      1. Door-to-door Salesmen

      Hiring door-to-door individuals who appear at your front door and promise free repairs is bad. Scammers will fake damage after receiving permission to go up on the roof. However, some professional roofing companies do have door-to-door salesmen, and they go about it honestly. Still, you need to be vigilant and avoid signing paperwork until the contractors' legitimacy is verified.

      1. Vanishing Deposits

      Fraudulent roofing contractors may require customers to pay for labor and materials upfront when damage occurs and then disappear after the money has been secured. What you should know is that reputable roofing companies will only request within the range of 30% deposits.

      1. Storm Chasers

      Storm chasers are roofing contractors that visit areas that were recently hit by storms. They will evaluate how much your roofing maintenance or repair will cost, and then they work on getting a cheap roof. They will disappear and move on to other areas leaving you with a poorly constructed roof.

      1. Fluctuating Bids

      Fraudulent roofing contractors secure jobs by offering estimates that are lower than other roofers in the area. They make prices skyrocket when unexpected costs and problems arise. So when hiring a roofing contractor, don't just review the price, check the proposals that are being offered and compare the scope of work that is provided.

      How To Avoid Fraudulent Roofing Contractors

      Knowing how to avoid fraudulent roofing contractors is essential if you're going to be dealing with roofing repairs and maintenance. The tips below can prevent fraudulent roofers if you are considering hiring.

      • Conduct a background check on the roofing contractors
      • Ask for the contractors' insurance number and license number
      • Do a quick online search to find out if they have negative feedback
      • Ask for previous client references that you can contact to ask about their services
      • Don't sign certificates of completion or pay in full until the work is fully completed with a good outcome.


      You need to be aware of scenarios like the ones we mentioned above so you can avoid fraudulent roofing contractors. Do you want to get an honest roofing quote from one of the most trusted roofing companies in North Little Rock? Contact WC Looper Roofing today.

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