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roof contractor Fairfax

roof contractor Fairfax If you’re having a hard time finding a reliable roof contractor in the Fairfax area, call STB Remodeling at 703-849-0894 and let their experts come out and have a look at your roofing project. Whether you’re experiencing leaks, water damage or require a roof replacement, they’ll provide you with a free estimate of the job and let you know how soon they can get started.

You won’t always find company values when searching for a contractor, but at STB Remodeling, you’ll find their business has been built on the strong foundation of core values- the first and foremost among them, that customer satisfaction is their highest priority. They truly believe their company is only in business because of their customers.

As a top rated roof contractor in the Fairfax area, STB Remodeling has maintained a 98% customer satisfaction rate due to the principles of honesty, commitment, reliability and excellent communication. Why not give one of their experts a call today to find out how they can help you? STB Remodeling offers:

- A complete, free home improvement consultation to discuss your goals
- The most competitive price for top quality services across the board
- From start to finish, a convenient, comfortable, stress-free experience

Making the right choice in a roof contractor in Fairfax starts with choosing the right company. It’s obvious there is no shortage of roofing companies in the Fairfax area- all of them trying to gain your business through offering the free, fast quote. STB Remodeling doesn’t just want the job; they want to earn your business through professional services designed to assess your requirements. It starts with the initial consultation to determine how to best meet your needs.

Since your home’s roof is its first line of protection against inclement weather, you’ll want to make certain that the materials and installation methods used are the very best and safest obtainable. Over the past decade, both materials and technology have drastically improved but one thing remains a constant in the roofing profession: the quality of workmanship will ultimately determine the quality of the finished job. Make sure you hire a contractor with experience, knowledge and skill.

STB Remodeling believes CertainTeed shingles provides the best line of protection for your roof as they have been a leading building materials manufacturer for over a hundred years, offering a superior warranty to homeowners. Having been awarded the highly-esteemed ‘Master Shingle Applicator’ by CertainTeed, STB Remodeling guarantees their expert installers will do the job right the first time around.

Call STB Remodeling at 703-849-0894 immediately if you should notice any of the following warning signs that there is an issue with your roof:

- Warped, blistered, missing or torn shingles
- Shingles covered in miss or algae
- Tiles that are cracked
- Gapping shakes
- Wood shakes that are warped, split or thinning
- A sagging roof line
- Dark, dirty-looking areas of your roof

- Energy costs that seem higher than normal
- Ceiling spots of leaks
- Stains on interior walls
- Dark water spots in rafters

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Make a call to the most reliable roof contractor in Fairfax at STB Remodeling or go online to to see a complete list of services offered. roof contractor Fairfax
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roof contractor Fairfax
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